Fun Race Series

Start sequence for a pursuit race


A Handicap race enables boats of different designs to race against each other but it is often difficult to know how well your boat is doing compared with the rest of the fleet until nearly the end of the race. In a Pursuit race the slowest boats start first and then the faster boats set off in pursuit with the time delay between classes of boats being determined from their handicaps. If boats of different classes are sailed by crews of equal ability then they should all cross the finishing line together. In this situation it is relatively easy to know how well you are sailing compared with the other boats and, if you are sailing well, there is always the next boat to try to overtake. Although this type of race is more difficult to manage, some sailors prefer it as it enables all the skippers on the helms to relate to each other more easily.
Starting Times

Starting times are posted on the Pursuit Fun Race Series chart. Races have been chosen for SEVEN DIFFERENT COURSES! The slowest boat starts at ZERO, usually from the hour, half hour, or quarter hour. The starting chart is designed to determine the starting times for the remaining classes of boat in relation to their PHRF handicap and the distance of the race. Each sailboat is on their honor to start at their prescribed time in relation to the course selected. Generally, all boats will start at the prescribed 1st mark and finish at the same buoy. Start and finish within 2 boat lengths of the mark.
Flags & Sounds for a Pursuit Race

Ideally we should use a flag for each timed start but this is not practicable as there would be too many. Instead we just use a No.1 flag to start the race and then manually sound a gun at each successive timed start. If there is no committee boat on station, sailboats are responsible to start at their prescribed time.

The Racing Rules of Sailing established by the International Sailing Federation shall be followed. However, in the spirit of the Pursuit Fun Race Series, no protests are allowed. Yet, when a rule is considered infringed, a discussion of the rule may be held after the race day for training purposes. Participants who determine they infringed a rule may retire at their own discretion if exoneration had not been completed on the water.
Results for a Pursuit Race

As the start times for each class are based on a particular race distance. It is only the position of the boats as they finish that count in the series. Each sailboat must record their finish time and provide the time to the Race Captain as soon as possible after the race. Results will be posted on the LBYC website, the LBYC Yahoo Groups website, and at the Franks Marina bulletin board.

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